Chloe Harford

Chloe Harford © All sculpture is my own design & all ceramics are handmade by me |  Links

Made in England Animal Sculpture Glazed & Amazed

My Sculpture Gallery

Each of my sculptures has been sculpted by me and then made into a mould for reproduction,

I cast each mould by hand and piece the sculptures together sometimes altering the sculptures as I go along to give differing poses, these are sold at shows to have some one off pieces for sale.

Each piece is hand finished, bisc fired and glazed before being raku fired.  Some pieces like the puffins and penguins are decorated with coloured slips and the fishing puffin has individual fish made by hand and not from a mould so every puffin has a totally unique group of sand eels for his dinner.

For galleries I have a set list of sculptures that are reproduced by the methods above giving a set of high quality sculptures, each one unique due to the firing process.  

If you own a gallery I welcome you to contact me for trade order form & terms.

See each of my sculptures here